Our Breakfast

Xenonas Eos
Our Breakfast

Eos – Authentic Breakfast is a “must” experience for each and every guest! Always prepared on-site, from the women of the property and it consists of a huge variety of delicacies and flavours, and is the perfect way to start your day.

Breakfast at Eos Traditional Guest House
Our Breakfast
Delicious Choices ...

• White bread
• Country bread
• Multi-grain bread
• Local pie (spinach & feta cheese)
• Local pie (milk pie with cinnamon)
• Homemade cake (vanilla flavor)
• Homemade cake (cocoa flavor)
• Homemade Apple marmalade (winter season)
• Homemade Cherry marmalade (summer season)
• Homemade Apricot marmalade (summer season)
• Homemade Peach marmalade (summer season)
• Homemade marmalade (blackberry – winter season)
• Local Honey (from the village of Skiti)
• Breakfast cereals (corn flakes / chocolate flavour)
• Greek yoghurt (from the village of Skiti)
• Olives (from the olive grove of our guesthouse)
• Feta cheese (from the village of Skiti)

Our Breakfast
Freshly Prepared ...

Fresh milk (from the village of Skiti)
• Butter
• Yellow cheese
• Ham
• Salami
• Basket with fresh fruits (from the village of Skiti)
• Fresh orange juice
• Cokctail sausages
• Boiled eggs (from the village of Skiti)
• Omelette (scrambled eggs)
• Filter coffee
• Greek coffee (hot or ice)
• Green tea
• Chamomile
• Olympus herbs tea
• Chocolate (hot or ice)

Breakfast at Eos Traditional Guest House