The Goddess Eos

Xenonas Eos
The Goddess Eos

According to the Greek mythology, this deity was the daily forerunner of Helios, for whom she opened the Gate of the East with her rosy fingers. After that, while wearing a tiara made of flowers provided by birds and a pleated veil, she rode her tethrippon spreading flowers and rosewater throughout Earth (“morning dew”) whose drops sparkled like diamonds under the early rays of Helios (the sun) that followed her.

This was the everyday-task of Eos, the supernaturally beautiful goddess praised by the ancient Greek poets. They, full of admiration, described her rose-colored fingers, her snow-white throat, her wonderful eyes and her shining rode with numerous adjectives and exclamations like bright, big-eyed, beautiful-haired, the one with the dark-yellow veil, the one with the white wings, rose-crowned, the one with the rose ankles, rose-fingered, the one with the golden reins, the one with the golden throne, the one with the golden sandals etc

According to another tradition, she was the daughter of Euryphaessa (distinctive adjective of Eos) or the daughter of Helios and Euphrosyne (another name of Night). Depicted having wings seems logical thus she was a goddess accompanying Helios and flying through the sky.

Distinguished among other deities for her beauty and charms, Eos attracted the love-sights of Ares with whom she slept. When Aphrodite became aware of the incident, she cursed Eos to have many love-affairs without ever being able to get complete satisfaction.

And so it happened: the legendary traditions about the love-affairs of Eos are numerous.