Think Green

Xenonas Eos
Think Green

The Management of the guesthouse Eos believes that the protection of the environment in tourism does not have to constitute a part of some strategic communication or a demonstration of some corporate social responsibility. Our philosophy is ruled by the view that it is the environment that has highlighted our country and therefore its protection is our obligation.

An obligation not only focused on the application of environmentally friendly actions regarding the operation of the guest house but also the encouragement of the local community and our visitors for the preservation and protection of the environment.

Some of the most important actions ouf the Eos guest house include:

Installation and use of a photovoltaic system, 10 kilowatts (KWp) in power

Use of magnetic cards in all the guest house’s rooms for the control of the electric systems and saving energy

Use of economic lamps for saving energy

Electric appliances (refrigerator, air conditioner etc.) of the latest technology, selected based on the low energy
consumption – energy class A

Use of an information card in every room for the frequency of linen change according to the visitor’s wishes (in realization phase) Information leaflet to our visitors for the preservation and protection of the natural environment.

The guest house also actively promotes sustainable tourism in our area through:

The participation in local programs cencerning the protection and highlighting of the environment and local tradition.

The support and the volunteer participation for the cleaning of our shores

As well as the use of local – biological products wherever possible.

Our effort is continuous and the contribution of our visitors through their suggestions and views is priceless.