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Terms of Use

Please read carefully the following terms and conditions. When you visit the pages of the website www.xenonas-ios.gr and make use of its services, you agree to accept unconditionally the following terms and conditions. If you do not agree to the following terms and conditions, please do not login and do not use the services of xenonas-ios.gr.

You agree to use the services of www.xenonas-ios.gr in a fashion not contrary to applicable law and in accordance with the terms presented below.

It may also occur that the following terms of use can be revised over time.  We suggest you visit this page regularly to stay informed about changes in the conditions of use.

General terms

As a user of the services of www.xenonas-ios.gr, you accept that:

  • You will not import to xenonas-ios.gr anything which is contrary to applicable laws or is offensive, illegal, pornographic, threatening and generally annoying to www.xenonas-ios.gr and / or to its users.
  • You will not play the role or act like impersonating somebody else and also you will give data that relate only to you and are true.
  • You do not use insulting characterizations and/or banned nicknames. The administrators of the website xenonas-ios.gr retain the right to delete these.
  • You do not use capital letters in the comments. The administrators of the website www.xenonas-ios.gr retain the right to delete these.
  • You do not repeat the same comment. The administrators of the website www.xenonas-ios.gr retain the right to delete it.
  • You do not advertise anything in the comments form and do not upload there any links. The administrators of the website www.xenonas-ios.gr retain the right to delete comments that only aim to advertise websites, products or services.
  • You are solely responsible for any arising problems out of www.xenonas-ios.gr responsibility when using our services. The administrators of the website www.xenonas-ios.gr, however, make every effort to ensure the smooth operation of this website in a daily base.


The website www.xenonas-ios.gr is not responsible for the accuracy, content and availability of information which is accessible through the use of its services. The services of xenonas-ios.gr are provided without any warranty of any kind. You agree that the use of our services is entirely at your own responsibility. The website www.xenonas-ios.gr and its associates are not responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damage or inaccuracy resulting from the use of the service or inability to access and use.

The www.xenonas-ios.gr contains links to other sites, which are not controlled by us, but by their owners (individuals or legal entities). The website www.xenonas-ios.gr is under no circumstances responsible for the Terms of Protection of Personal Data of the visitors, which are applied by those institutions.

Content-use lisence

Reproduction, distribution and change of the contents may be allowed strictly on the condition that there will be a clear indication that the content comes from the «EOS Traditional Guesthouse» website and a link to www.xenonas-ios.gr.
Alternatively, you will need to contact the website administrator for a written permission.

Competent for the resolution of the difference that might arise between the two parties are the courts of Larissa.